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I was formerly working in the fashion industry in Italy as a buyer and sales representative. I always carried my camera with me on the job for a pleasure and business as an amateur photographer in my travels. Now I’m pursuing my hobby as a part-time freelance photographer in the fashion & glamour models Industry.

Time to time I offer TFCD’s, that is a session of free shooting “Indoor & Outdoor” (and training if needed). Available only for qualified aspiring potential Fashion & Glamour Models. I am looking for a complete team of ambitious and determined girls. In addition i’m searching for makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, fashion design as well a young assistant student (Internship) photographer willing to work in shoots with me to collaborate and create opportunity for all with professional work to update portfolios.

At my possession I have a complete high-end photography equipment to utilize for indoor and outdoor shoots. If you’re an aspiring qualified Fashion or Glamour model and you need to build up or update your portfolio, or have any questions either on my TFCD’s and projects, please,  feel free to contact me.

This is a hobby that I have been developing creatively  for a very long time. Free  advice  available and tips on how to connect with serious agencies, avoiding scams, and in general how to take your first step in the modeling industry, don’t hesitate to contact me for further information, and to schedule TFCD’s by appointment only, you can email me or call me.

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Salvatore Vergone Ph.
Staten Island, New York
Phone:   +1-347-576-9952
Skype:   Salvatore_Vergone