Photographers in France

Guillaume Girardot

33 rue de Berri,
Paris, France
After studying philosophy, is passionate about travel and photography in 1984 decided to focus on the image and create a studio in the former cold storage of 91 DOCK STATION. His images are quickly round the Fashion Editors and international collaborations with magazines, catalogs and designers are increasing. Surrounded by hundreds of young artists in his “home base” The FRIDGES, his world and its concerns are never far removed from the world of art work despite a “commercial” intense. Apart from a few exhibitions during the open days of refrigerators and hanging from his book project “Women in remarkable Cuba ‘, found especially his work in magazines.Choose the uniqueness of some of his prints coincides with a desire to leave more room in his work to artistic research.


5 rue Teylor
Paris 75010 France
Telephone: 331 40 40 78 77
Fax: 331 40 40 78 01
Karim is noted for photographing some of the world’s most famous celebrities, royalty and top fashion models, as well as everyday people. Although he is based in France, his assignments have taken him all over the globe, including Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The royal families of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco and former royalties of Egypt and Yugoslavia have all posed before his lens, and his outstanding images have also been exhibited in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Algeria, Lebanon and Switzerland.


37 rue de villiers,
Neuilly sur seine, France
I’m fashion photographer, actually very interested in working in reportage field.
I’m looking for ideas, possibilities and resources. Anything that can make me open my photography to this world.

47 rue Nollet, Paris, France
Telephone: 06 27 02 50 93
Photography: print, catalog, editorial, bodypart, fitness, lingeries, casual, commercial, outdoor, advertising, dance, celebrity, art-nude, adult.

Works in fashion including print, catalog, editorial, lingeries glamour including art-nude, lingerie, adult.
I’m a french photographer, currently living in Paris.My wife Sophie is a professional make-up artist.
Together we work on a wide range of projects: portrait, beauty, fashion, glamour, artistic nude, …
Photography to me is a gamble, about human beings meeting each other, and what happens then.
Through my images, my desire is to discover and expose the core of the real person standing in front of me.

An artist photographer, filmmaker, author, screenwriter, is rightly regarded as one of the pioneers of digital photography,. It’s between 1988 and 1990 he developed the technique of the image digitally retouched and composed from multiple shots with film: the Digital Matte-Painting. This innovation made him famous in the world of photography and film and earned him recognition from George Lucas, among others. He opened a path that precedes the great digital revolution, creating from scratch a futuristic world of formal perfection far ahead of his time. Type of photography: editorial, bodypart, lingeries, art-nude, adult.